Heads up! This page hasn't been updated in years.
Check out this movie listings app I've been working on recently!
Or a project I've been working on to host javadoc for free for projects on Maven Central.


Just a student finishing the final year of my Computer Science degree at the University of Bath. I spent last year at Morgan Stanley, where I spent a lot of my time working on aspects of their public website.

I have an eclectic music taste, I wish I went to more gigs. I waste way too much money on popcorn at the cinema.


Software developer, specifically web developer, specifically back-end web developer.

I've written a fair bit of Java, Scala, Python. Recently I've even grown to like C.

I can use unix pretty well (this website was created in vim in screen [with 256 colors] in zsh).

I've made enterprise websites in Spring MVC, REST services with JAX-RS. I've written websites with Django, customized PHP CMS installs. In my spare time I've played with Scala's web frameworks, Play, Scalatra, some Lift. I can use JavaScript pretty well, familiar with jQuery, played with Backbone.js, written greasemonkey scripts.

For front end stuff, I cheat and use Twitter's Bootstrap. Although I'm familiar with CSS3, and spent hundreds of hours in Photoshop, I've let those skills stagnate, as I've gradually become more and more interested in the technical/backend.

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